VisiConsult completes acquisition of majority stake in CT specialist diondo

After reaching initial agreement in July of this year, VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH announced today that it has completed its acquisition of a 51% majority stake in the CT specialist diondo GmbH. This strategic cooperation will significantly increase the capabilities of both companies.

Lennart Schulenburg, General Manager of VisiConsult, said the combined products and services of the two companies would be greater than the sum of its parts: “For customers, bringing VisiConsult and diondo together means new opportunities to enhance operations. With our complementary product lines, customers can now widen the scope of what is possible. This is a perfect combination of world-class technology, automation and AI capabilities.”

All due diligence has now completed on the deal, and the agreement between the two companies was finalized on November 17. Initial collaboration meetings have taken place and a program of knowledge sharing is currently underway. While the two organizations will work closely together on a number of initiatives moving forward, both VisiConsult and diondo will also continue to operate as independent organizations.

VisiConsult, through its VCxray division, is now adding the diondo product line to its extensive portfolio of existing products, and offering full sales and service support via its global sales network.The high precision CT systems are a perfect completion to the budget ECO line, the sophisticated PRO line, and the customized X line. This allows customers to choose from a broad variety of solutions depending on the inspection task.

Martin Münker, Managing Director at diondo, said partnering with VisiConsult will add capabilities to his company’s products in future.

“We can now broaden our technical abilities. With our friends at VisiConsult we can look forward to building fully automated systems and utilising the capabilities of AI. Ultimately this will mean enhanced systems for customers.”

diondo will become the Centre of Excellence for CT Technology within VisiConsult. And close cooperation at the developmental level will ensure the seamless integration of diondo into VisiConsult’s x.OS ecosystem.