The X-ray Co-Pilot

Can you imagine a digital decision-making assistant that supports you in making better decisions faster?

Enhanced efficiency - significantly increase inspection throughput by automating indivcation detection.
Accuracy and consistency - reduce human error and provide more consistent results through assisted measurements.
Get insights - automatically compile powerful defect statistics and POD documentation.
Business continuity - eliminate bottelnecks in inspection and mitigate labor shortage constraints.

Evaluating thousands of images a day is already quite a challenging task - especially considering the potentially catastrophic consequences of a single, missed defect.

Imagine a digital helper that locates defects and automatically measures them in real time.

Our COMPASS X-ray Co-Pilot employs cutting-edge machine-learning tools to identify defects in a wide variety of applications from casting to welding.

With a single click it highlights, measures, and documents all indications. Operators can rapidly remove or add missing defects.

That enables a significant increase in productivity while simultaneously improving the inspection quality.

We saw a significant improvement regarding both quality and
efficiency when our operators were supported by COMPASS.
Aerospace Level III

COMPASS is currently rolled out to select customers

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