Relevance and trends in forensics  

Forensics refers to the scientific application of various methods to investigate criminal and legal issues. Forensics is critical to law enforcement and the rule of law by helping to solve crimes, identify perpetrators, and exonerate the innocent. Further, forensic procedures are used to reconstruct accident causes, evaluate insurance claims, and determine the cause of material failures.  


Importance of materials testing in forensics

Materials testing plays a significant role in forensics by providing important information for solving crimes through the analysis of physical and chemical properties of materials. It is used in the investigation of trace evidence, fibers, firearms, chemical substances, and causes of fires. The objective and scientific evidence is of great importance in court. 

Use of X-ray technology and CT in forensics   

X-ray and computed tomography (CT) are important imaging techniques used in forensics to support investigations of criminal cases. Here are some applications for X-ray and CT in forensic practice:  

Skeletal and Bone Examination
Fraud prevention
Accident Cause Analysis
Safety assessment
Detection of fire causes
Property insurance
Documentation and archiving

Overall, X-ray and CT in forensics play a critical role in collecting evidence, investigating injuries or causes of death, and assisting investigators in solving criminal cases.  

Challenges to materials testing in forensics   

Materials testing in forensics faces several challenges, including contamination avoidance, technological complexity, sample degradation, dissimilar materials, susceptibility to error, and time constraints. Nevertheless, materials testing plays a critical role in forensic analysis and helps solve crimes. Improving training, quality control, and technology development are important measures to overcome these challenges. Furthermore, it is important to select a reliable and flexible testing system.  

Choosing the right partner for your testing system    

The requirements of forensic laboratories for material testing equipment are very different and depend on the respective focus.    

For mobile analyses in the field, a portable X-ray system is needed with which forensic experts can go directly to the scene of an accident or fire. This way, structures, and objects are already X-rayed in the field   

For simple applications in the field of 2D analysis, a simple and inexpensive X-ray device is recommended to perform simple analyses quickly and in real-time.   

Another application is high-precision computed tomography for metrological or forensically demanding tasks. These are highly precise and complex systems that can visualize even the finest details.   

Choosing the right system can be complex, and a good decision must weigh many parameters such as size, speed, cost, etc. Contact our product specialists for further advice  

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