Relevance of testing service providers for industry  

Testing service providers in materials testing are specialized companies that examine materials for their properties, quality, and performance. They analyze the chemical composition and microstructural properties of materials, perform mechanical tests such as tensile and flexural tests, and test materials under extreme conditions such as temperature, corrosion, and wear. Non-destructive testing methods are used to detect material defects. Testing service providers also prepare certificates or reports to confirm compliance with standards and perform failure analysis when materials fail. Their work ensures the quality and safety of products in various industries.  


Advantage of testing service providers over in-house testing  


Working with testing service providers in materials testing offers a number of advantages over performing testing in-house:  


  • Expertise and experience: testing service providers have highly qualified technical personnel with extensive expertise and experience in materials testing. They are familiar with the latest testing methods, standards and equipment, resulting in accurate and reliable results.
  • Independence and neutrality: External testing service providers are independent third parties who have no personal interest in the results. This neutrality ensures an objective evaluation of materials, without possible bias that could occur with in-house testing.
  • Cost savings: in-house materials testing requires significant investment in specialized equipment, training, and hiring qualified personnel. By working with an external testing service provider, companies can reduce these costs by only paying for the testing they need without making long-term investments.
  • Flexibility and capacity: testing service providers can offer greater flexibility and capacity because of their experience and broad customer base. They can perform different types of materials testing for different materials and applications, as well as handle short-term testing requests.
  • Access to specialized testing methods: Testing service providers often have a variety of specialized testing methods that might not be available in-house. This allows them to perform sophisticated testing and complex analyses.
  • Updated knowledge: Materials testing is a constantly evolving field. External testing service providers keep up to date with the latest technology, which ensures that testing is performed in accordance with current industry standards and guidelines.
  • Time savings: Working with a testing service provider can reduce overall materials testing time, as these companies specialize in efficiency and quick turnaround times.
  • Focus on core competencies: By outsourcing materials testing, companies can focus on their core competencies and optimize resources for research, development and production.

Overall, working with a materials testing service provider offers many benefits, including expertise, independence, cost savings, flexibility, and access to specialized testing methods, resulting in high-quality and reliable materials analysis.  

Challenges faced by testing service providers when selecting testing systems   

Selecting the right testing equipment presents several challenges for testing service providers in materials testing. These include the variety of test methods, technological developments, cost and budgeting, calibration and accuracy, staff training, customization, space and storage, and compliance with safety and environmental regulations.   

There are a variety of test methods for materials testing, and each may require specific equipment. Testing service providers must ensure they have a wide range of testing equipment to meet their customers' needs. Technology in materials testing is constantly evolving. New testing methods and advanced equipment are being developed to produce more accurate and efficient results. Testing service providers must therefore regularly update their equipment to keep up with the latest developments.   

Therefore, it is highly recommended to have the design of a testing system reviewed by a specialist company before implementation. VCxray has a team of application specialists that can assist with implementation.  


Range of X-ray and CT services for materials testing   


Testing service providers using X-ray and CT equipment typically offer a variety of non-destructive materials testing and imaging tasks and services.  

Quality control
Failure detection and analysis
Assembly inspection
Dimensional inspection
Materials analysis
Dimensional measurement
Material characterization
Weld inspection:
Product design and manufacturing optimization

Overall, X-ray and CT equipment allow inspection service providers to comprehensively and non-invasively examine materials and components, resulting in a reliable assessment of quality, structure and properties. This is critical in many industries, especially in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical and more.  

Choosing the right partner for your testing system    

The quality control requirements of inspection service providers and materials laboratories vary widely and can be roughly divided into three categories:     

Providers who process lower volumes require manual systems for small batch or single test inspection. Here, the ECO H-Series is the perfect system family for smaller components.  Medium volume inspection needs require more automation of 2D inspection, CNC systems, and batch loading. Automated data processing has become more important. In the case of extremely high volumes, for example in series testing in the automotive sector, high-performance inline systems with automatic evaluation are required. In this way, the shortest cycle times can be achieved.    

Another application is high-precision computer tomography for metrological or forensic applications. These measuring machines must be housed in an air-conditioned measuring room.  

Choosing the right system can be complex, and a good decision must weigh many parameters such as size, speed, cost, etc. Contact our product specialists for further advice.   


VCxray as your partner in inspection services   

In addition to manufacturing X-ray and CT systems, VCxray also offers a comprehensive range of inspection services at several locations. In Stockelsdorf, Sinsheim, Hattingen, and Pune, our customers can access a broad portfolio of systems.  

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