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The flexible user-friendly interface can be entirely customized to match the preferences of each individual user. A comprehensive range of tools aids you in analyzing and evaluating, regardless of the operator.

Key functions

  • Full control of the imaging chain (generator, detector, and peripherals)

  • Extended functionalities: IQI measurements, filters, overlays, etc.

  • Sequence builder enables the automation of every functionality of the software in a few clicks

  • Multiple and configurable user levels via advanced rights management

  • Optimized for offline evaluation requirements

  • Provides quick evaluation and annotation functionalities

  • Fully customizable and configurable according to individual

  • Seamlessly integrated with ADR functionalities (e.g. assisted or automated defect recognition)

  • Compliant to leading standards including DICONDE

  • Fulfills all the latest standards in Aerospace, Space, Automotive, and Oil & Gas industry

Easy customization of frontend and workflows

  • Fresh graphical user interface (GUI) adaptable to almost any language
  • The flexible and intuitive user interface can be completely customized to each user’s preference. A wide range of tools, which you can adapt according to your needs, supports you in the analysis and evaluation of images, ensuring compliance with established standards.
  • The software can be tailored to the specific needs and application of the customer, regardless of the manufacturer of the inspection hardware used.
  • Drag and drop tools according to your comfort level
  • Comprehensive user access rights management functionality
  • Genrerate your own user interface templates

Touchscreen control interface

The VC.acquire is also available with a touchscreen mode, which is optimized for usage on tablets or machine interfaces (HMIs).

  • Dedicated design for touch operation
  • Can be operated with gloves and in rough environments
  • Full feature set available even in touch mode
  • Optimized for ease of use

Lets talk about features

Explore the comprehensive feature set of our software platform.


This overview shows just a fraction of the available features. To review the full list, please request the technical specification.

Features and packages

Configure the software to your needs *


Only pay for what you really need!

The VC.acquire and are available in several variants from a Basic version with the essential tools up to a fully-fledged PRO version. Or anything in between.

* These are only a fraction of available productivity features. To review the full list, please request the technical specification

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