What is the x.OS?

The leading software suite that enables digital transformation within the NDT department and even across organizations. A broad portfolio of solutions allows a fully digital experience from acquisition to archiving.


The automation software

The VC.control allows the automation and control for a wide variety of hardware. Its clean and touch capable interface make the system operation easier than ever. Operators get a live visualization of the system status, and can create new inspection sequences with a few clicks.

Successor of the proven Xplus Handle
Control all hardware (axis movement, drives, robots, etc.)
Fully automated using programmable sequences
Can also be implemented via retrofits of other manufacturers
Clean and customizable GUI for each system type
Intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface
Can be integrated into automation cells and MES systems


The simulation software

The VC.planner allows Level IIIs and supervisors to create and edit new techniques and inspection programs offline. The programs can be easily exported to the system. This results in minimum downtime and maximum efficiency.

Under development

Allows sophisticated simulation and offline programming of hardware
Comprehensive technique builder to simulate the entire inspection process and create complete inspection programs offline
Upon completion, programs can be uploaded to the technique manager in the VC.server and then can be executed on the system
Enables Level IIIs to create new inspection programs without blocking the system for production
Easy tool to check inspectability (trajectory and X-ray parameters) of a part
Offline simulation of X-ray image for rapid parameter establishment
Allows visualization of programs created on the system


The acquistion software

The VC.acquire is a comprehensive image acquisition and processing software. It includes highly sophisticated filters and measurement functions, and is equipped with a customizable and easy to use interface.

Full control of the imaging chain (generator, detector, and peripherals)
Extended functionalities: Image processing, filters, measurements, overlays, etc.
Customizable and user specific user interface and hot-keys
Sequence builder enables the automation of every functionality of the software in a few clicks
Multiple and configurable user levels via advanced rights management


The evaluation software

The VC.review is a dedicated software optimized to rapidly review and annotate large quantities of X-ray images. It also offers all image processing and measurement functions included in VC.acquire.

Optimized for offline evaluation requirements
Successor of the proven Xplus Review Software
Offers all measurement, annotation and, image processing features
Provides quick evaluation and annotation functionalities
Fully customizable and configurable according to group policy
Allows for customized and complex decision workflows
Seamlessly integrated with ADR functionalities (e.g. assisted or automated defect recognition)
Compliant to leading standards including DICONDE
Fulfills all latest standards in Aerospace, Space, Automotive, and Oil & Gas industries


Reconstruction manager

The VC.reco is a comprehensive management and reconstruction toolset for Computed Tomography (CT) scans. It can be connected to several CT systems and evaluation stations, and can be utilized via an easy OneClick mode as well as a sophisticated expert mode.

Integrates with all industry-leading algorithms (CERA, VG, iterative, etc.)
Manages different reconstruction stations and algorithms, and connects systems with evaluation stations
Easy OneClick mode for fast achievement of great results
Advanced expert mode for usage of complex functions and best possible results
Integrated into the VC.server environment
Scan preview and optimization features


The overview tool

The VC.dashboard offers a live view into the inspection process. Get real-time insight into utilization, scrap-rate, work in progress parts, and much more. The dashboard is highly customizable to your needs.

Dashboard showing the status of parts being processed right now
Customizable states (e.g. waiting for inspection, in inspection, undecided, scrap, rework, etc.) of parts
Comprehensive overview of the overall status of shop floor workers and employees
Easy way to “check out“ parts
Browser based capable to be run on any device


The archiving software

Inspection results need to be stored for an extensive time period in safety critical applications. The VC.storage is a lightweight archiving software for long-term storage of X-ray images, metadata, and inspection decisions.

Storage solution for work in progress images and long-term archiving
Can be hosted locally, within a company network, or in the cloud
DICONDE compliant long-term storage of inspection results
Database optimizes for fast search and data retrieval


The supervisor

The VC.server is the central routing and management software of the x.OS. It connects all systems and software in a central ecosystem.

Central software to manage all modalities (systems, software, etc.) in your company
Core management of configurations, inspection programs, user rights, licenses, and techniques
Central user management (certification status, user levels, approvals based on part numbers or techniques, evaluation rights, etc.)
Management for all of your X-ray equipment, software, operators, and techniques
Centrally manages updates for all modalities
Helps manage data streams as needed (e.g. dispatching and queuing CT scans to different reconstruction stations)


The viewing software

The VC.viewer is a free desktop application which allows free image sharing with anyone for interactive viewing, presentation, and configuration.

Lightweight viewing tool for TIFF and DICONDE images
No installation required
Customers can send the tool to their stakeholders for evaluation
Simple way to open all of your scans (DICONDE, TIFF) with part in hand
Control file access and prevent misuse with password protection
Software is customizable depending on viewer preferences

NDT X-ray toolbox

The NDT X-ray Toolbox, is a free smartphone app. It offers many useful features designed to make the handling of demanding quality standards easier

International unit converter including distances, time, weight, and much more
Easy calculation of optimal magnification, intensity, or image blur
Calculation of required projections, penetration, geometry, etc.
Comprehensive overview of all X-ray standards (including ASTM and ISO)
Overview and converter for many different image quality indicators
Overview and explanations of common formulas and terms

The software platform for maximum reliability

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