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Complete NDT technical support

VCxray offers a variety of services throughout the entire system life cycle to
keep your machines running efficiently and with the highest uptime.
Our work team is highly trained to seek the best benefits for your company.
Increase your efficiency with fewer problems.

Expertise and consultancy

You can trust our highly trained
Team to help you maximize your
company‘s return on investment.


You receive efficient and rapid assistance
to ensure the safety that your company
needs in its production process.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is of utmost importance to ensure a high system uptime
and a long lifetime of critical components. Therefore, regular maintenance and
checkup by the manufacturer are required. Additionally, X-ray systems must comply
with special governmental regulations and require regular servicing.

  • Extended equipment lifetime
  • Prevention of damage
  • Early detection of wear
  • Preservation of value

Preventative Maintenance Packages
BASIC, 2 maintenances per year
STANDARD, 3 maintenances per year
PREMIUM, 4 maintenances per year

+ FLEX, flexible to your requested date


Availability Packages

When investing in a VCxray system there are options to keeping your own spare parts in our stock.

For a monthly rate, we provide you availability parts on demand. You only
purchase them when you need them.

  • No own warehousing
  • With availability packages, you will get
  • a special discount on availability parts
  • Fast availability
  • Depending on your needs, VCxray
    offers to rent spare parts


Availability Packages*
BASIC, < ETD 5 days
PREMIUM, < ETD 24 hs

* ETD, estimated time of departure. Hours
and days refer to working days

System Qualification

Take advantage of our experience. Many customers benefit from and value our support during the qualification phase.
Getting your VCxray system qualified according to your requirements and regulations.

  • Qualification according to standards by means of image quality test specimens
  • Focal spot measurement (according to manufacturer‘s specifications or DIN EN 12543-2)
  • The results of the qualification will be recorded in a detailed final report


In many cases old X-ray protection rooms or cabinets are still usable, while the technical components are broken, outdated or even obsolete.
VCxray offers comprehensive Retrofit upgrades such as X-ray component replacement, analog to digital migration, and even automation of complete systems. This applies even to systems delivered by other suppliers.

  • Functional expansion of existing equipment
  • Automation
  • Update with new PC hardware and software
  • Upgrade of X-ray technology
  • Improve sustainability by reusing or repurposing existing systems

Remote Support

Save time and money via Remote Support.
Most problems and calibration issues can be addressed remotely thereby saving valuable time and resources.
A team of skilled VCxray engineers is available for immediate help. Find out more about the process.

  • Phone and TeamViewer support within 2h
  • Many service cases are solvable remotely
  • Often no on-site visit is necessary

Software Updates and Upgrades

We are constantly seeking to perfect VCxray solutions.
All software updates/upgrades fit seamlessly into the VCxray ecosystem, and can be tailored to the specific applications and particular needs you require. Suggestions from our users
are integrated, optimizing the workflow.

  • Update with new PC hardware and software
  • Additional software tools
  • Upgrade of X-ray technology
  • Image intensifier to DDA

Regular updates are available - ask your
VC representative for more information

On-Call Service

Besides our standard service time, we could always be there for you.

  • Provides telephone support and initial troubleshooting
  • Assign specialists for all services
  • All Premium Packages include a dedicated phone number

On-Call Packages
BASIC, 9 hours / 5 days
PREMIUM, 16 hours / 5 days
PREMIUM EXTENDED 24/5*, 24 hours / 5 days
PREMIUM EXTENDED 24/6*, 24 hours / 6 days
PREMIUM EXTENDED 24/7*, 24 hours / 7 days

* Packages in progress, available SOON!

Extended Warranty

With the Extension of your Warranty, you will have the chance to prolong it for 12, 18, or 24 months. In this way, extended warranty only helps extend the protection that we provide for failed part replacement - it does NOT reduce downtime unless it is accompanied
by a service contract AND availabiity package - warranty only means that we replace the part in however long it takes.

Extended Warranty Packages
BASIC, 12 months warranty
EXTENDED, 18 months warranty
EXTENDED PLUS, 24 months warranty

For more information, please contact
your local VC representative.

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