• PRO FI.225
  • PRO FI.160

Our workhorse for the rapid inspection of small to large-sized casting parts. The flexible part table allows the inspection of several smaller parts at the same time or the inspection of a single casting. It offers unmatched flexibility due to fast changeover times by simply swapping out the part table. The manipulator is highly versatile and allows easy creation of new inspection programs without requiring programming knowledge. The system can be used manually via joysticks or in fully automatic program mode. An open interface offers versatile integration options into robotic loading cells or manufacturing lines.

The PRO FI is equipped with our state-of-the-art VC.acquire software platform and offers an easy-to-use Automatic Defect Detection (ADR) functionality.

*  All dimensions are nominal and may vary depending on system configuration

** Tilt may be reduced in the upper and lower positions depending on the system configuration


PRO FI.160

PRO FI.225

Cabinet dimensions* (LxWxH)

4784 x 3982x 2874 mm

4784 x 3982 x 2874 mm

Inspection envelope (LxWxH)

1600 x 1000 x 500 mm

1600 x 1000 x 500 mm

Tilt axis (RX)**

+/-30° max.

+/-30° max.

Magnification value range



Max. part weight

50 kg

50 kg


160 kV

225 kV

MAX EFFICIENCY - Faster analysis of a large amount of data, reducing inspection time
MAX FLEXIBILITY - Universal inspection machine for all kinds of casting
MAX RELIABILITY - Typical configuration for casting inspection, the PRO FI.225 is equipped with ADR as standard
MAX SAFETY - Consistent results, detection of smaller and harder- to-see defects

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