• PRO FI Giga Inspection of extra-large casting parts with ease

The casting world is shifting to a new level: The rise of next-generation parts like giga castings and battery trays is posing a challenge to manufacturing and inspection processes.

VCxray by VisiConsult has developed an XL version of our PRO FI. The PRO FI Giga is a unique system that can be highly customized to the needs of the customers. It offers different loading concepts, from vertical to horizontal, and a high degree of automation. This allows the system to be directly integrated into manufacturing lines or automation cells.

The high-speed manipulator ensures that the x-ray inspection can be performed in line with the cycle time of the manufacturing line. This eliminates the inspection process as a bottle neck, compared to inspection in a
large manual cabinet. Our Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) software fully automatically finds and measures all defects, leading to a truly automated process.

MAX SIZE - Inspect even the biggest casting parts with ease - the smart manipulator and automation concept
MAX EFFICIENCY - Faster analysis of a large amount of data, reducing inspection time
MAX RELIABILITY - Like all VCxray systems, the PRO FI Giga is equipped with ADR as standard
MAX FLEXIBILITY - Universal inspection machine for all kinds of castings

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