Comprehensive image processing
  • All ECO systems run with proven Xplus image processing and control software
  • Includes a broad variety of Image enhancement tools for unmatched clarity
  • The VCxray LiveFilters ensure a realtime image enhancement similar to FLASH or HDR filters
  • Easy annotation and overlay functionalities
  • All software functions can be automated using inspection sequences and macros
  • Multi language support 
Automated Defect Recognition (ADR)
  • All ECO systems are ADR capable (Standard for ECO R.)
  • Allows to detect defects like porosities
  • Including an ADR offline programming toolbox
  • Evaluation criteria like defect size , defects per area , distance between defects etc. can be defined

Premium X-ray sources

The ECO line provides a broad range of premium X-ray modules designed for integration,
matching your needs and specifications. From 160 to 450 kV and a focal spot of d = 0.4 mm.
Standard modules come from VCxrays partner COMET and are manufactured in Switzerland.

Excellent Detectors







Active Area

16000 kg

16000 kg

16000 kg

16000 kg

16000 kg

Pixel Pitch

85 μm

205 μm

100 μm

139 μm

100 μm

Frame Rate

20 (1x1)

40 (2x2)

30 (1x1)

60 (2x2)

10 (1x1)

20 (2x2)

6 (1x1)

12 (2x2)

18 (3x3)

10 (1x1)

20 (2x2)

30 (3x3)

Pixel Matrix

1536 x 1536

1024 x 1024

2496 x 3008

3072 x 3072

4260 x 4260

Automatic detection of defects

through advanced Image processing or Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms can
offer significant savings. VisiConsult has over 25 years of experience in this 
field and has a comprehensive in-house developed ADR toolbox. 

It fulfills international quality standards like ASTM, as well as the demanding
company standards in the automotive industry. Typical ADR applications 
include the detection of porosities, inclusions and cracks, as well as geometric 
measurements and feature recognition. 

It is possible to definespecific ROIs to check many metrics like density, distance,
size, occurrence per area and many more Tools that can be dynamically defined. 
Training of the System does not require any programming skills and can be
adapted by our customers.

  • Dimensional measurement and reporting
  • Assembly verification and visualization
  • External and internal measurement
  • Foam analysis
  • Defect detection
  • Fiber flow analysis
  • Failure analysis

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